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Safe Needle Disposal – Life-saving Innovation

The Yellowone Needle Cap© is a master-piece in user-centered innovation and design aimed at protecting patients, healthcare workers, drug users and waste management personnel around the world, but especially in developing countries.

Yellowone Needle Cap Needle disposal

The reuse of syringes in developing countries is a widespread problem. In some countries, the proportion of injections given with reused syringes is as high as 70%. According to the World Health Organization, the reuse of contaminated needles and inadvertent needle stick injuries are estimated to be responsible for more than 1.3 million deaths annually.

The Yellowone Needle Cap© is a former winner of the People’s Choice Award at the prestigious INDEX: Design to Improve Life® which awards life-improving designs.

The smart innovation is a patented lid, which inexpensively and easily converts regular soda cans into safe and permanent disposal containers for used luer-slip hypodermic needles.

According to Bestnet’s Key Account Manager Pernille Koch it is an ideal product, “The device is ideal for mobile clinics, emergency use and medical treatment in remote areas but can also be easily utilized by diabetes patients around the world. It really has a broad application reach and is easy to use, which ultimately saves lives!”

Bestnet A/S provides Yellowone Needle Cap© to aid agencies, NGOs, health institutions and private individuals around the world.

The Yellowone Needle Cap© was invented by designer Hân Pham from the Kolding School of Design in Denmark. As a child Hân Pham came to Denmark as a boat refugee from Vietnam. In the refugee camp she nearly lost her life to an infected needle after receiving a tetanus shot. So enhancing safe needle disposal globally was an issue very close to the heart for Hân Pham.


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